About Aventec Masks

Aventec Masks are high-quality protective masks made with two layers of nanofibers, the next generation of microfibers.

They are handcrafted in France at a facility in Colmar that follows “best practices,” including a sanitary environment, social distancing, and mask wearing.

Aventec Masks:

• are as effective as most surgical masks: filter 97% of 3-micron particles and 92% of 1 -micron particles

• have excellent breathability (permeability of 107 liters/m2/s)

• can be personalized with a picture or logo of your choice

• have the same design as most medical masks (flat and rectangular with pleats)

• are lightweight, non-irritating, quick-drying, easy to care for, and durable (they retain their properties even after 30 washes)

• come in two sizes and comfortably fit virtually everyone

• can be washed in a 30-minute cycle at 60°C or soaked in water for 3 minutes at 90°C

• are also effective in filtering out pollen for allergy sufferers

are handcrafted, so there is limited production; however, we are happy to work with customers to ensure we meet your needs

• At the end of the mask’s lifespan, the elastic band (made of latex and polyester) can be removed and the mask repurposed as a cleaning cloth

Aventec Masks meet requirements established by AFNOR, the DGA, and Oeko-Tex*

AFNOR has established minimum standards for Level 1 barrier masks to protect against COVID-19 (AFNOR SPEC S76-001:2020).

These standards require that the masks:

• have a filtering capacity of 90% of 3-micron solid particles and droplets

• offer limited breathing resistance (permeability of 90 liters/m2/s)

• be made from non-irritating materials able to withstand wear and tear throughout their lifespan

• be washable while still retaining all their qualities The DGA has tested Aventec Masks and found that they far exceed AFNOR requirements and are suitable for use by professionals in contact with the public.

The DGA determined that Aventec Masks:

• filter out 97% of 3-micron particles and 92% of 1-micron particles

• have a permeability of 107 liters/m2/s, which exceeds minimum standards for surgical masks

• Aventec Masks also meet Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 requirements regarding harmful substances in the product and Oeko-Tex Eco Passport requirements regarding harmful substances in the production process


• AFNOR (Association de Normalisation) is the French organization responsible for working with the International Organization for Standardization

• DGA (Direction Générale de l’armement) is the French Government Defense procurement and technology agency responsible for testing masks to determine effectiveness against COVID-19

• Oeko-Tex is an independent textile research and testing organization

About Aventec Masks