About Us

Aventec is a French company located in Colmar, Alsace, that specializes in textiles made from nanofibers, the next generation of microfibers.

Nanofiber textiles are ultra-light, quick-drying, super-absorbent, durable, and environmentally friendly.

These attributes, combined with the ability to effectively filter out small particles and excellent breathability, make this fabric ideal for masks.

Aventec textiles were originally designed for use in the bathroom and kitchen, on the beach and at the pool, and for personal care. But shortly after the coronavirus started spreading worldwide, we realized nanofibers could be applied to help stem the spread and began making masks.

These masks were sold primarily in Europe, but we have recently expanded our capacity and are now offering masks (and towels) in the United States. More information about Aventec can be found at: www.aventec.fr