Get Your Personalized Masks


Personalized Masks enable organizations both to help protect employees and/or clients and to brand-message in this challenging environment.

With Personalized Masks, organizations can help protect employees and/or clients while brand-messaging in this challenging business environment.

Personalizing encourages mask usage - and after all, masks are only effective when they are used!

To start the personalization process, please contact us at +33 3 89 78 63 73 or at info@aventecfr 

• Send a high-quality photo of the picture or logo you want on the mask and indicate how you would like it positioned

• We will get back to you with a photo of your personalized mask and an estimated delivery date




Here is what our customers are saying:

Sevilla Restaurant, New York City

We began using Aventec masks at our restaurant when we reopened in May shortly after the City started allowing outdoor dining.  

Our staff likes the masks’ comfort, breathability and that they can be easily washed and reused many times. And we like that the masks keep our staff extra safe by providing more protection than most barrier masks. We have also given masks to many of our long-time customers who love the Sevilla design.

Miguel Lloves (Executive Manager)  



I love wearing my Sevilla mask - though I do take it 
off for a sip of Albariño (but only outside!).
I have been hanging on the wall at Sevilla for decades.
As soon as the pandemic began, I put on a mask.